12 Angry Men
Jury duty seems like a drag but Sidney Lumet's 1957 film 12 Angry Men puts our civic responsibility into perspective in a way that's entertaining and inspiring. The film takes place almost entirely in a jury room where 12 men are convening to determined the fate of an 18-year-old Mexican-American kid who has been accused of murdering his father. Like the average person who may consider jury duty to be an intrusion on their usual routine, most of the jurors are eager to come to a quick verdict so that they can get back to their lives.

But one man, played by Henry Fonda, encourages them to question the findings of the case, because the life of a man is in their hands and they have an opportunity and responsibility to put some thought into their decision. It's easy to get caught up in the case being explored by the jurors, as they bicker and discuss the case and the time that's being spent or wasted mulling over the details, but at its heart, 12 Angry Men is a celebration of democracy and American civic responsibility.

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