The Candidate
All we’re looking for every electoral season is a no-nonsense candidate we can support wholeheartedly, and without reservation. Today’s divisive political campaigns often prevent that from happening, though, as Super PACs spend billions to highlight an opponent’s flaws. Which is why we keep flashing back to Robert Redford’s idealistic Bill McKay, an underdog who runs for a Senate seat in Michael Ritchie’s satirical The Candidate.

An Oscar winner for its cynical but probing screenplay, The Candidate unleashes the likable Redford as a campaigning politician told he can spread his beliefs because he has no shot at unseating the incumbent Republican senator. Faced with a vicious, dishonest, advertising-heavy campaign cycle, McKay does his absolute best to speak honestly and slice through the bullshit, lobbying for – in his own words – “our faith in ourselves, and our faith in our country.” And it works. Watching The Candidate in action, one wonders why more politicians don’t rely on honesty when making promises to potential voters. As McKay teaches us with his campaign slogan, it’s “The Better Way.”

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