Who Is She? Also known as Madame Hydra, Viper in the comics was born in Hungary and was raised within the evil organization HYDRA (a name you may recognize from Captain America: The First Avenger. Viper became an elite warrior with a great tactical mind, and incredible fighting skills. But you don’t really need to know about that to watch the new movie.

How Does She Fit? I usually write these guides to help tie back characters in movies to the comics where they originated, but the truth is that the character of Viper has been totally reinvented in The Wolverine. Played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, Viper is portrayed as a mutant with the ability to generate toxins as well as antidotes. She is immune to all poisons and, like a snake, can shed her skin to repair it.

Mariko Yashida
Who Is She? Unlike most on this list Mariko isn’t a mutant, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t play a vital role in the history of Wolverine. In the comics she is one of the few women in the world that actually captures Logan’s heart, which is an exercise in pain and anguish due to the fact that he is an immortal. Their relationship is full of drama, much of it stemming from the fact that her family is one of the most powerful crime families in Japan.

How Does She Fit? In the new film Mariko is played by Tao Okamoto and meets Wolverine for the first time when he travels to Japan to meet with her grandfather. During his stay Logan learns that there have been threats on Mariko’s life and he becomes her unofficial bodyguard.

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