Welcome To Genosha, A Green And Pleasant Land
What's It About? The X-Men descend upon Genosha, a township in Africa that has enslaved mutants and controlled their powers in order to preserve cheap labor. The story features a colorful collection of X-Men, including Wolverine, Rogue, Madelyne Pryor and Colossus. Several mutant stories have revolved around Genosha. Its an integral part of the X-Men mythos, but they were all informed by this initial story.

How Would It Work? It's sort of a hard pill to swallow, the idea of mutants being enslaved right after we saw the White House cancel the Sentinels program in Days Of Future Past. It's also a hard pill to swallow that slavery continues unabated globally even centuries after it's been abolished in America. The sight of mutants in chains doing the government's deeds is perhaps too stark an image for a franchise like this, but if Fox develops the stones to tell such a storyline, why not? Fox can use Genosha as a jumping off point to combine several storylines: a rebellion led Genosha to become an all-mutant land headed by Magneto, but a civil war started by the remaining humans and an eventual Sentinel sneak attack left the country in ruins. In one storyline, Magneto and Professor X have banded together to rebuild the nation as a mutant utopia. To think that wouldn't be good material for Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy is nuts.

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