What's It About? Doctor Moira MacTaggert fails to control her powerful mutant son, who has a reality-altering power so strong that the X-Men, particularly Wolverine, cower in fear over the images it presents. The X-Men try to stop the mindless child, though a question persists as to whether he's the son of the abusive Joseph MacTaggart, or Charles Xavier himself.

How Would It Work? Baby mama drama! It seemed pretty clear that Joseph was the father in the comics, but what if there was a certain amount of hanky panky going on between Xavier and MacTaggart in X-Men: First Class? The Moira MacTaggart in the films (played by Rose Byrne) is now a CIA operative as opposed to a genetic researcher, but that only requires a slight re-write of the material. The more mutants get introduced to this series, the more likely James McAvoy gets pushed to the back: this is a way to keep him prominent and active in these films, provided he's still playing Xavier at this point.

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