Burlesque For Best Picture (Comedy Or Musical)
Every year, the Golden Globes nomination committee feels compelled to look very hard at any and all musicals that make money, if for no other reason than to justify the comedy or musical category’s name. Usually, they’re able to hold common sense enough to not nominate ones that aren’t at least decent, but the process broke down in a big way when Burlesque was nominated for Best Picture (Comedy or Musical). God only knows why that seemed like a good idea, but one would imagine having a television friendly table filled with Christina Aguilera, Cher and the dude from Grey’s Anatomy was a very positive side effect of the decision.

Despite expected nominations for Best Original Song, the film was entirely left out in the cold by the Academy Awards, probably because voters hate giving love to anything from films they don’t particularly like. Even worse, this was one of those random years where the Academy honored 10 Best Pictures; so, it's not as if people thought it was anywhere close to the best of the best.

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