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It’s as strange and colorful as everything Terry Gilliam does, except with a bigger cast. We have eight clips from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, a film which should result in horrible, truncated misspellings on theater marquees all across America. Also it contains that last work of that Heath Ledger fella. I think he plays a character named “The Joker”.

Parnassus is a kind of Faust-tale, with the title character making several deals with “Mr. Nick,” the devil. First he makes a bet and gains immortality, then he trades that for youth when he falls in love, but he has to give up his first-borne when she reaches 16. The movie takes place as Parnassus’s daughter, Valentina, approaches her 16th birthday, with a contest between Parnassus and Mr. Nick to be the first to seduce five women winning Valentina’s soul.

Clips! We’ve got them. Watch:

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