The LEGO Movie Clone High
There Are Multiple Clone High References
Phil Lord and Chris Miller got their big break working alongside Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence creating the MTV animated series Clone High back in 2002, and while the show got cancelled after its first season, the filmmaking duo made sure that some of it lives on in The LEGO Movie. Not only does Will Forte provide the voice for Abraham Lincoln (the same character he voiced on the show), but you can also hear the series’ signature dolphin noise while the characters are gathered in the Dog Dome in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

 The LEGO Movie Where’s My Pants
Where’s My Pants? Is Basically How I Met Your Mother
The Where’s My Pants? show in The LEGO Movie is just a fun gag by itself, seemingly making fun of all the mindless sitcom pabulum that exists on television today, but what you might not have picked up on is that it’s actually a reference to the real show How I Met Your Mother. When Wyldstyle is in the Octan building and sees the show she actually comments something along the lines of, "After all these seasons, you’d think he’d find his pants by now," a reference to the fact that How I Met Your Mother went a full nine seasons before revealing the titular character. Not enough for you? Did I mention that Phil Lord and Chris Miller were both writers and executive producers on the CBS sitcom back during its first season?

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