The LEGO Movie Tie Cape
Lord Business’ Cape Is A Tie
Lord Business has a number of artifacts from the human world in his trophy room, from the Cloak of Band-Aye-Eed to the Orb of Teet-A-Least, but what you may not know is that he actually also wears one of these artifacts around his neck. Take a closer look and you’ll notice that it’s actually a necktie.

 The LEGO Movie Lord Business Coffee Cups
…And The Tips Of His Horns Are Coffee Cups
It’s a clever inclusion, but Lord Business’ tie cape is actually one of the few things in the movie that wasn’t constructed or made to look constructed out of LEGO pieces. The entire rest of the villain’s costume, for example, is made of plastic building blocks, from his giant stilt legs to the ornamental helmet on his head. But did you notice that, like the cape, the horns are actually another nod to the character’s "business" side? They are actually red LEGO coffee cups!

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