Openly Talked About Sleeping With Other People’s Girlfriends
It’s not particularly weird for actors to sleep with women who are attached. In fact, it’s not particularly weird for human beings to sleep with other people who are in committed relationships. An alarming percentage of us are selfish philanderers. What’s odd about LaBeouf, however, is how bizarrely okay he is with just admitting it, even when the alleged flings involve other celebrities who are very much attached—like his Transformers co-star Megan Fox. He told Details Magazine they had sex during an interview in 2011. By that point, she was, of course, married to Brian Austin Green, the same guy she was dating when the alleged fling would have taken place. A similar thing happened with Isabel Lucas, as well.

I’m all for celebrities getting honest during interviews and occasionally revealing a buried secret or two. It adds a whole lot of color to chit-chats that are normally really dry, but most people stay away from blurting things out that could have a very tangible effect on someone else’s life. Thankfully, Fox and Green seem to have worked it out just fine. Maybe that means LaBeouf’s allegation was bullshit. Maybe that means they were on some brief break-up at the time no one knew about. I don’t know. Either way, there’s now awkward sauce poured over every single picture LaBeouf and Fox took together.

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