Got Arrested At A Walgreens
LaBeouf is far from the first child star to have run-ins with the law during his early twenties. At this point, we almost even expect the occasional disorderly conduct, possession or assault charge. Trespassing at a Walgreens in downtown Chicago, however, is a new one. LaBeouf was arrested on the misdemeanor charge back in 2007, and he’s since told the story publically on The Late Show With David Letterman. I’ll give you the cliff notes of his version.

Apparently, he went out to celebrate for his 21st birthday. After arriving back, he really, really wanted some cigarettes and his hotel didn’t sell them. So, he walked across the street to Walgreens, got distracted by pimple cream, found himself in a staredown with a security guard and bought the cream instead. He later returned to his hotel, realized his mistake, changed clothes in a drunken stupor and returned to the Walgreens for the cigarettes. After exchanging some ugly words with the security guard, he lost track of what he was doing and purchased Gummy Bears. So, he did what any reasonable person would do. He returned to his hotel room, changed outfits again and headed back to the same Walgreens, where he was promptly arrested for trespassing.

Let’s be honest. This one could have happened to quite a few of us while we were college-aged too.

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