Usually we only do A.M. Awesome, well, in the morning, but this is a special occasion. Ever since Scott Pilgrim vs. The World hit, visionary film maker Guillermo del Toro has been at the film’s side, endorsing it from day one. Now that the movie has been out on DVD for a while, you’d think maybe his fervent promotion of Edgar Wright’s comic adaptation would cease... but you’d be wrong.

At a recent screening del Toro did for his film Cronos, he took some time to sign some autographs and mingle with his devoted fans. One such fan brought a copy of Scott Pilgrim for him to sign, and in one brief sentence scribbled on a box, he may have given the best review ever written by man:

/Film reader Tim Caballero is responsible for bringing this awesomeness to our attention and for being brave enough to get a film personality to sign a film he had nothing to do with. Thank you Tim for helping us extend A.M. Awesome into the early afternoon.

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