We know that there a few languages that are universal; languages that everyone in the world can understand. Three of those languages are laughter, music, and math, but there is a fourth that not many people know about, and that’s the language of awesome. No matter what race, nationality or point of origin, if something is awesome, it is decidedly awesome everywhere in the world.

Today, a clip is making the rounds that proves exactly that. Said clip is a trimmed down version of an Indian film called Robot, but don’t let the word "Indian" fool you. This is no Bollywood dance film, this movie is nuts out, balls to the wall, mind-bogglingly awesome action that takes the term “insane”, straps rockets to it and then shoots it at your face. It makes not apologies about how awesome it is or which movies it’s very obviously borrowing from and leaves you jaw-agape asking yourself simply if that really just happened.

I assure you it did, dear reader, and if you need a smoke break I totally understand. The clip shows off ten minutes of the film’s intensely awesome action sequences that will leave you satisfied in a way that Bayformers never could, and never will. Sure, the film is in Indian with a terrible, TERRIBLE Russian voice over, but the universal language of awesome prevails for you to bask in the glory that is Robot.

Check it out below.

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