As we are reaching a 2015 that is hopelessly devoid of hoverboards and flying cars, Tremulant Design's Michael Hobson has taken it upon himself to keep us informed about what else may or may not happen in our near to distant future according to movies.

Starting with the events of 2012 and ending with the anticlimactic Red Dwarf, movies have predicted the end of civilization many times over be it due to a global extinction event, like women becoming infertile in Children of Men, or at the hands of monsters like in Aliens or Jason X. Either way, we humans have a lot to prepare for, and this infographic is a handy guide of what we should expect in the coming years. If we’re lucky and live another 73 years we will see Mars Colonized as in Total Recall, but after that it’ll be our kids’ problems; for now, we’ve got it easy. We’ve even already dodged SkyNet’s activation twice.

Be warned, if you choose to read through this while preparing for the imminent destruction and tragedy awaiting us as the human race, you may spoil some movies or TV shows for yourself. Read at your own risk. If you’re having a hard time with the text size, head on over to Tremulant’s website for a gloriously hi-rez version of the graph, and don’t be afraid to print it out so you’re always prepared for the next big tragedy.

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