If there’s one thing that’s ever deserved to be in our A.M. Awesome category, it’s this. That it wasn’t written up until the afternoon is neither here nor there.

Pixar has released a video showing off what is essentially an updated version of a classic zoetrope, a spinning cylinder with artwork on the inside which when viewed through the cuts in the side created the illusion of animation. As we’ve all figured out by now, no one does animation better than Pixar, and not just in the 3D realm. They’ve taken their characters from the Toy Story universe, created sequences of sculptures with them, and then placed them on a spinning disk, controlling what your eye sees with a strobe light rather than the old style cylinder.

People who have been to the Blue Man Group shows will have seen something similar with their dancing man strobe effects on stage, but this takes the effect to a whole new level, as Pixar usually does. As if you needed any more reason to love Pixar’s mad genius staff, check out this video below and marvel at them once again.

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