The title of this article was not some ploy to trick people into trafficking this post. No, it is a 100% relevant title, and probably the most awesome one we’ve seen yet here on A.M. Awesome.

Yesterday, Vin Diesel premiered the first trailer for next installment in the long running Fast and the Furious series Fast Five. The post got 19 million likes on Facebook, and with that many eyes on your page, someone is bound to find something beautiful, horrifying, and downright awesome. unearthed a glorious piece of art which chronicles the epic story of Vin Diesel and Usher riding white tigers down a volcano. See, I told you the title was relevant. The painting (yes, it’s a painting, not some Photoshop artwork) was buried in Diesel’s photo albums and now I’m here to present it to you in all its glory. Don’t question it, just accept it.

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