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The headline in today's Variety is about writer Peter Craig being hired to adapt the Quebecois film De peer en floc as an American comedy to be retitled Fathers and Guns. But the real news probably comes in the second-to-last paragraph, where they drop the news that Craig is also working on the script for Bad Boys 3, in development over at Sony.

The first we heard about the project possibly existing was Martin Lawrence hinting at it back in April. At that point he just admitted that "we've talked about" the movie, and that they were waiting on producer Jerry Bruckheimer "to let us know when it's really real." It's hard to say if hiring a writer actually does mean it's real-- there are hundreds if not thousands of scripts lying dormant at studios this very moment for projects that will never, ever actually happen. But bringing on Craig, especially as his star rises thanks to his script for The Town, is a sign that at least somebody is taking it seriously over there. Once Michael Bay gets done blowing up the world one last time with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it may be time to revisit the rogue cops played by Lawrence and Will Smith.

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