There is nothing that audiences love more than watching people be stalked, tortured, and murdered on the big screen. I’m not sure what that says about the state of affairs in the world, but hey, entertainment means different things to different people. The Australian horror flick Wolf Creek left many squirming in their seats, and MovieHole reports there may be plenty more where that came from.

Greg McLean, Wolf Creek’s writer/director/producer, plans to bring the crazy Mick Taylor back for a sequel. It’s not an immediate priority for him right now—that would be Rogue, coming out on February 2, 2007—but it is likely to happen in the near future. He explains, “I possibly will be [doing the sequel]…I want to do it. It’s such a great character.”

Apparently, the Weinsteins wanted to see this project happen right away (you know how they can be), but he saw things differently. “The first I met the Weinstein’s, at Sundance, they said ‘How much to do the sequel?’ I just said I didn’t want to cash in now. It just wasn’t right, because what that says is that the first film’s not serious – it takes something away from it.

He continues, "I’ve never been against popping out sequel after sequel – Saw, for instance, has an ingenious plot that you can do it with that – but [Wolf Creek] was designed to be a particular kind of horror film, not the kind of film you can just pop ‘em up. They get trashy. I’m really proud of the film and I don’t want to just put out a piece of shit – so if it takes two or three years, it doesn’t matter.”

Whether or not you believe the first film was something to be proud of, keep your eye out for more grisly rampages somewhere down the road—and hopefully not one where psycho killers pull you over.

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