What else is there to say about the A-Team movie? It seems like another bad call modern reboot, but it will likely be a whole lot of mindless fun, especially since it's being directed by Joe Carnahan.

MTV recently caught up with Carnahan and got him to answer a few questions about the upcoming flick. Most notably, Carnahan acknowledged that a bad guy would die in the movie, which is a big departure from the TV show's famous zero fatalities. Carnahan also discussed B.A. Baracus' lack of gold chains. "Rampage and I had a lot of conversations and we were both adamant that this character is B.A. Baracus, not Mr. T," Carnahan stated. He also talked a little bit about the Team's iconic van. "It's the same make and model. It's a GMC Dura van, the body style is '83-'88, which was the same body style. But we've done our little tweaks to it, because if you look at the original van the rims are different."

It seems as though Carnahan is having a lot of fun with these characters, so it's hard to mock him and the project. If you take The A-Team seriously enough to be mad about this adaptation, then you should probably try to get a date or get some fresh air. We're all better off being pissed about The Karate Kid remake, anyway.

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