How long have you been doing stop-motion animation?

I've played around with stop motion all my life while I've had access to a camera, rather than using stop motion because I like the art form - I've always resorted to stop motion as a plan B to get a video made, stop motion has allowed me to make videos without spending loads of money and depending on cast and crew, it allows me to just get my head down and get the job done without dealing with anyone else. I started full time in October 2010 and haven't stopped since!

What was your reaction when you first found out that you won?

An absolute dream, I couldn't believe it. I set out to do something and worked my hardest for something I really wanted and for it to actually pay off was the stuff of dreams. Words cannot express my utter joy and pride. I still can't believe it really, I feel I might wake up from a coma any moment and it was in fact just a deluded dream. It's funny because it really did mean everything to me when I didn't have much of anything else going for me at that time.

Is filmmaking something you want to continue to pursue? What directors would you say have inspired you?

I will make videos while I'm still breathing, I always have and always will, it's who I am and I'm lucky enough to call it my day job now. I've been inspired by too many directors to list but for what I do now I will say Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish are the biggest culprits who really got me started in "bedroom film making" and stop motion with their 'the adam and joe show'. Right now, most of the ABCs of Death directors are my biggest set of directors that inspire me and when I saw their names attached to the project at the start, it was that that got me fired up to the realm of "I MUST be a part of this film!"

Is there a dream project out there that you’d like to tackle?

I have a treatment written for a feature film that people are looking at right now, it would be really cool to actually make a feature length film. It's been my ultimate dream since forever and it will be something I have to do before I die, if I didn't, if I died a horrible toilet death or something rubbish before I got to make a feature then I would be bitterly disappointed.

What has been the strangest thing about this entire experience?

Everything!! Going to Toronto was intense, first I'd never been to North America before and to turn up there and be accepted by the ABCs of Death family as one of their own was a serious "what the fuck am I doing here?" because it went from a 'deluded young film maker wank fantasy' to a real life situation that's really happening. I am at a world premiere of my own movie (well, sort of "my own") with some of the most amazing film makers on the planet and I was in stunned silence most of the time, drinking a lot just to be able to hold a conversation with anyone.

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