When we think of “lost worlds” typically we think of a dinosaur inhabited jungle – some place lost from the ravages of time. The recently acquired Regency picture Cutlass Island will be something similar, although instead of dinosaurs expect to see more mythical and wondrous creatures inhabiting the island, which wasn’t lost from time as much as it was set aside, by former President Abraham Lincoln.

The concept comes from author Tom Wheeler and is based on his upcoming novel, which Regency Films thinks is promising enough for a fantasy adventure on par with Harry Potter and Jurassic Park as a big family adventure film.

Although the backstory involves the “Unique Lands and Species Act” signed in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln that establishes Cutlass Island as a sanctuary for mythical creatures, the primary focus of the story is about two brothers who discover the island when they are shipwrecked there. Somehow, despite being stuck on this lost island, the boys uncover Lincoln’s legislation and become the protectors of the island. Sounds like a little Swiss Family Robinson to me.

I’m interested to see the execution of the storyline, because the description from The Hollywood Reporter doesn’t make much sense. How do the boys discover the act signed by Lincoln if they’re trapped on the island, and if this is a “lost world” then who are the boys protecting the island from? Hopefully this will all make more sense in the context of the movie or the upcoming book.

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