Director David M. Rosenthal’s Janie Jones has been kicking around since it premiered one year ago at the Toronto International Film Festival, and then showed at Tribeca last April. The film has been landing solid reviews and will finally be seeing a release on October 28th.

The film stars Abigail Breslin as a 13-year-old whose groupie mother drops her on her unsuspecting rock star dad, played by Alessandro Nivola. Though his rock star lifestyle causes his band’s comeback tour to erupt and his label to drop them, Nivola and Breslin’s relationship flourishes, as you can see here in the latest poster courtesy of ComingSoon.

The poster seems a bit more on the happy side, showing off Nivola and Breslin together on stage in the infancy of their collaboration, but the recent trailer released for the film implies that there will be a little bit of a darker side as Nivola’s drug addiction will more than likely cause problems. Ultimately the film is about the unexpected talent Janie possesses and that’s what people will want to see. Hopefully it doesn’t get bogged down with other garbage.

While the trailer seems like the film will ultra-predictable, early reviews put Breslin on a pedestal for her performance proving that she’s not just a nerdy girl who can strip to “Super Freak.” Janie Jones hits theaters October 28th.

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