Like a black hole or a Taylor Swift concert, New Year's Eve promises to be one of those inexplicably all-powerful things that sucks in everything around it no matter how hard anyone may resist. It will, at least, if it follows the model of its predecessor Valentine's Day, which starred wildly overqualified people like Anne Hathaway and Shirley MacLaine in a series of dopey stories about love on the most "romantic" of all holidays. The follow-up New Year's Eve will probably feature a little less pink and hopefully not a florist, but you can bet it'll be just as vapid as the first one, because they've got to sell tickets right?

And even though they've cast the likes of Lea Michele and now Abigail Breslin (via Variety), I'm not backing down, because Valentine's Day featured actors I liked too, and we all know how that turned out. They're not saying what role 14-year-old Breslin played, but given that Valentine's Day made room for two different teen romances, I imagine we'll get a look at how high schoolers spend this particular overrated holiday. Though Valentine's Day was set in Los Angeles, for New Year's Eve the action will take place in New York, which means at least one set of characters will be stuck in the hell that is Times Square that night.

The movie is already set for a December 9 release date next year, with Garry Marshall returning as a director and Katherine Fugate writing the script. None of the actors from Valentine's Day are expected to return, which means they've got a lot more A-list actors to track down in a short period of time.

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