More than a year ago, several clips from Richard Kelly’s much anticipated Southland Tales debuted at Cannes, and subsequently popped up online. One of those clips is now being recycled and packaged as new by a disreputable blog which makes its way in this world by stealing scoops from other people and inventing fake exclusives like this one. Some other more well-known sites inadvertently bought their line of bullshit, and now that old clip is circulating around the internet with the site in question being credited as the clip’s originator. Well don’t believe it.

So in the interest of completeness, for any of you who are wondering why we haven’t covered those awesome new Southland Tales clips, here they are… as they were a year ago. They’re still utterly boring. Frankly, they scare me. I really want Southland Tales to be good, but this does not look like footage from anything even remotely good. Hopefully they’re better in context, but I'm shocked that some studio lawyer hasn’t cease and desisted anyone and everyone hosting them, they make Southland Tales look terrible.

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For downloadable versions, check over with our friends at TwitchFilm, they're probably the place where the site which shall not be named here stole their old clip from in the first place.

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