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J.J. Abrams, maybe the cagiest mainstream director who isn't Christopher Nolan, has managed to avoid saying anything about the still-planned Star Trek sequel for months now; the last time we heard him talk about the project was back in January, when Vulture got him to admit that Paramount had asked him to shoot the new film in 3D, and while he wouldn't say he didn't want to do it, he admitted "I've also never run to the movies because something's in 3D."

Now three months later, What's Playing has a little bit of vague information that suggests the 3D pressure hasn't gone away. Using the somewhat strange logic that Paramount wants Star Trek 2 in 3D because of the Star Wars films that are being post-converted, What's Playing reports that there's "mounting pressure on Abrams and Paramount" to add the third dimension. They also got Simon Pegg to kinda-sorta allow that 3D could play a role. It's not really much of a quote though:
“As far as I know, no…I mean.. it depends. Maybe.”
Yeah, don't shell out for any specialty Vulcan 3D glasses based on that kind of information. Really the most interesting assumption made in the article is that the production is still locked in for a September start date; that's the first specific date I've heard for Trek 2 to start shooting, though it makes sense given the early June release for Super 8 which will finally free up Abrams to return to outer space. I feel pretty confident that Abrams will only put the movie in 3D if he damn well feels like it, so if that September start date turns out to be true as well, it's all looking up form here.

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