The trailers for I Am Number Four have done a decent job of keeping their distance from certain similar unnamed action love stories involving vampires - a good thing to be sure. Four’s alien love story has been kept somewhat in the background (except for during the teeny bopper-bait featurette) and focused on the flashy, fiery, lightning bolty action. This new trailer from Yahoo! Movies does more of the same, restoring this writer’s faith in the film. The clip also introduces us to Number Six, a badass lady alien.

D.J. Caruso has made some solid films with Disturbia and Eagle Eye among his most recent, so there’s no reason to think that just because there’s a couple of good looking teens in love here that he won’t produce an entertaining piece for every movie goer. Fingers crossed.

I Am Number Four follows up and comers Alex Pettyfer, an alien hiding on Earth from extra terrestrial hunters, and Diana Agron of Glee and briefly Burlesque, who is his human love interest. The two must escape would be killers who can only kill the alien survivors in sequence, for some reason, in order to move on with their exciting teenager lives. The film hits February 18th, and you’ll be able to catch Pettfyer in Beastly not long after. Scope out the video below or in glorious HD at Yahoo!.

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