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The first trailer for this fall's Matt Damon sci-fi adventure The Adjustment Bureau has debuted online at Yahoo! Movies, and like any good trailer, it's left us wanting more. Even though the film is based on a Philip K. Dick short story, it's been incredibly difficult to find details on what the story will be about; the trailer reveals some of those details, but as if it's taking a page from the Christopher Nolan playbook, its only left us with more questions.

What we know, though, is that Damon is playing a New York City congressman who falls for a ballerina (Emily Blunt), only to learn that there's an entire squad of men in suits determining the path of his life and everyone else's, and this ballerina is not part of the plan. He's forced to fight all those shadowy dudes in order to stay with the woman he loves, which would probably be a tough choice if it weren't Emily Blunt he was fighting for. Damon seems to be in wronged-man Bourne mode but with a sci-fi twist, and who are we kidding, we'll watch Damon do anything.

I like about 100 things in this trailer, from John Slattery and Terence Stamp as two of the men in suits on Damon's tail to the sight of Damon wearing a jaunty fedora and running through the New York Public Library. One complain though: not enough Anthony Mackie! Still, check out the trailer below or in glorious high- res at Yahoo! and let us know if you can come up with any more answers than what we've figured out.

Watch in high-res at Yahoo! Movies

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