Remakes and reboots are all the rage these days, and It’s getting to the point where the more obscure, pointless projects are happening. The latest victim of the Hollywood crap machine is none other than Sherlock Holmes and his fellow Watson. Warner Bros. is plotting with producer Lionel Wigram to adapt the upcoming comic book “Sherlock Holmes” for the big screen, says Variety. So, not only do they get to belittle an iconic character on screen, it’s not even based off the original literature. To take it even further, Wigram developed the new comic book to push the movie. Touché!

Yet, there is a possible silver lining in this otherwise dark rain cloud. The film is to be directed by Neil Marshall of The Descent fame. Although Marshall appeared to be a rising star director in the horror genre, perhaps he can breathe some life into the film, which is supposed to reinvent Holmes and Watson much like the way Batman Begins boosted Batman.

With that in mind, Wigram’s Holmes will downplay the intellectual prowess of the character and play up his more “overlooked” traits such as a bare-knuckle boxer and expert swordsman. Expect intellect to take a back seat in this high-energy project. Production will begin once the Michael Johnson script is ready, Marshall is free of his Doomsday project, currently in production and when the comic book created a big enough fan base to ensure that the movie will create a franchise.

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