It surprised nearly everyone in the industry when Inception, for the third week in a row, topped the box office with another $27.5 million take. The film will likely surpass the $200 million mark at some point this week and is currently the seventh most successful film of 2010. But despite the movie's great domestic numbers, it wasn't the biggest hit globally until this past weekend. THR is reporting that the Christopher Nolan film has surpassed Toy Story 3 as the number one film at the box office after the Pixar film dropped off 40%.

It should be noted that some markets didn't get the film until this past Friday, but most countries have had the film for at least two weeks. Does this seem kind of backwards to anyone else? Aren't the Europeans supposed to be the ones who only dabble in artistic, existential films while the Americans stay at home scratching their beer bellies and watching monster trucks on Pay-Per-View? Damn stereotypes, you've let me down yet again. I guess that studios will just have to start trusting the domestic audience a bit more. What a shame.

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