Despite director Edgar Wright’s meager history at the box office--even Shaun of the Dead only made $30 million, and Scott Pilgrim just $47 million-- armies of fans continue to praise his work and beg for more. Back in January a Wright triple feature was held in Los Angeles, and now it seems like yet another triple feature will be held at the Castro Movie Palace in San Fransisco, with Wright in attendance (buy your tickets HERE if you're in the area).

If you don't live near San Francisco, though, you can still enjoy this outstanding poster created by Alex Pardee to help promote the event. Price of admission will be $15 and presumably for another $15-$20 you’ll be able to pick up a print of this shockingly awesome poster at the door. Scope it out below and click to see it in high rez.

The poster features illustrations from all three of Wright’s major feature films--Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World--with gruesome beauty. Unfortunately for everyone not living in the Bay area, this will likely be a very limited run of posters so getting our hands on them will be tough, but if there are any left after the showing, they’ll be made available at ZeroFriends according to Wright himself who announced this event on his blog.

It is this kind of poster art we should be supporting and that we should be seeing more of from Hollywood. Instead we just get more of the same floating heads and bad photoshopping when people like Alex Pardee are out there keeping poster art an actual art form and not just a copy/paste war. I beg you, Hollywood. Give this man some work.

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