Serenity fans must love Alan Tudyk. Aside from them, he seems to be about the only person who still thinks the movie will get a sequel. Unless you count direct-to-DVD sequels… which I don’t. I love Serenity too much to be forced to categorize its second outing next to American Pie: The Naked Mile.

Tudyk has talked before about how he believes a second film is happening, and he’s out there doing it again. The folks over at Moviehole caught up with him promoting the release of Death at a Funeral on DVD (which I highly recommend), and posed the ever present Serenity 2 question to him. So will it happen? He says, “My opinion – I have to couch it that way – is yes.” It seems the last time he popped off about his high hopes for a sequel, he got in a bit of trouble.

The funny thing about this whole Tudyk situation is that he of course, is the one of the castmembers least likely to be in a Serenity 2 should it happen, what with his character being dead and all. Oh come on, if you don’t know that already then what are you doing reading up on Serenity 2. Shouldn’t you watch the first one before you worry about if they’ll make a second? I have no pity for you. So the guy who has been killed off is busy talking about how they’ll make a sequel, while the rest of the cast either remains entirely tight-lipped, or talks about their plans to ruin Joss Whedon’s reputation by making dance movies with him. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? I’d love to see Tudyk in a tutu. It would be a vast improvement over what he wears in Death at a Funeral… that being nothing.

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