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Rip Torn has decided to spend his waning years as some sort of crazed alcoholic who will probably end up in prison, so that means he’s definitely out of the picture when Men in Black 3 gets up and running. In the previous two movies Torn played Zed, the head of the Men in Black organization. They’ve may have found the perfect replacement. Pajiba says it’s Alec Baldwin.

The genius thing about this is that Baldwin, in addition to being a comedic demi-god, already has experience taking Rip Torn’s job. The two were paired up on 30 Rock, back before Torn went nuts. Alec’s Jack Donaghy character was the apprentice and successor of Torn’s billionaire corporate mega-mogul. This time he’ll actually end up playing Rip Torn’s predecessor, the head of MIB back in 1969. As we learned a few months ago Men in Black 3 will involve time travel.

According to the report Baldwin is currently in negotiations to join the cast, as are Gemma Arterton and District 9’s Sharlto Copely. Arterton will be a secretary back in the 1969 version of the MIB and Copely will play what Pajiba describes as a “fast-talking Yoda type alien”. Copley has made the transition from hanging out with aliens to actually becoming one.

Already in the cast along with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith reprising their traditional MIB roles, is Jemaine Clement. Like Copley he’s playing an alien, but he’s the movie’s villain.