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Danny Boyle gets a lot of credit for reviving the zombie genre with his masterpiece 28 Days Later, but it was Alex Garland's script that got him started. Garland went on to write Sunshine, another sci-fi piece that Boyle once again took to great heights despite the film's rough third act. His other works show that he's able to branch out, but it's his science fiction genius that landed him his job at the keyboard for the upcoming Logan's Run redo.

Garland will be starting from the original novel released in 1967 rather than referencing the more widely recognized film from 1976. According to THR, the novel had a much more expanded world that got trimmed down to fit into movie form which begs the question of just how Garland will translate that world to the screen with proposed director Carl Rinsch, whose name you might recognize as the once director of the Alien prequel before being ousted by Ridley Scott.

Logan's Run is set in a utopian future where everything is wonderful, except of course that once you reach age 30 you're either murdered or hunted to your death by "Sandmen". One sandman, Logan, reaches his age limit and is forced to go on the run, giving the material it's very apt title.

So far, details about what the studio plans to do with the film are slim. Expect more news on this within the next few months as drafts are turned in and casting begins.