Buried in Deadline's piece from earlier today about two new actors added to Andrew Niccol's Now (news we covered right here) is a small detail about one of those actors, Alex Pettyfer, who is widely considered an up-and-comer thanks to his starring role in next year's I Am Number Four. Apparently his career prospects are looking so good that Bryan Singer has his eye on Pettyfer for the starring role in Jack the Giant Killer, which is set to start filming in the spring.

We learned previously that Aaron Johnson was also on the shortlist, and Deadline adds that Max Irons, of 2009's Dorian Gray, is also in the mix. Really at this point we could expect Singer to be looking at any youngish up-and-coming actor with a passable English accent, so none of this is all that surprising. But even as Pettyfer's big starring role in Beastly keeps getting delayed by the distributor, the guy who has only previously been seen in Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker is making quite a name for himself. Even if he doesn't land the Giant Killer job, he seems to be well on his way to a long career.

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