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Alex Pettyfer has been making shortlists and snagging big upcoming roles for over a year now, even though no one has seen him in either of his major starring roles, the romantic drama Beastly (pushed from release last summer to this spring) and the sci-fi action film I Am Number Four, which opens February 18. And now that's finally ready to woo American audiences, he's making a slight tweak in his future plans. We reported not even two weeks ago that he was being considered to star in The Mortal Instruments an adaptation an adaptation of Cassandra Clare's series of young adult novels. Now Vulture reports that he's backing away in order to take on The Last Apprentice, another young-adult novel adaptation happening over at Warner Bros.

Not only that, but Warner Bros. has also got the likes of Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Lawrence interested in the projects-- Bridges would play the exorcist for whom Pettyfer's character is the titular apprentice, and Lawrence a suspected witch. The story takes place in the 1700s, with Pettfyer's character Tom Ward a boy who can see and hear ghosts and smell the presence of death. The deal for Pettyfer to star in The Mortal Instruments is still on the table but Vulture is confident he won't take it-- and who can blame him, with the opportunity to star opposite two of this year's Oscar nominees in front of him instead. I still have no idea if having Pettyfer in a movie is a good thing or a bad thing-- I'll learn more when I see I Am Number Four this week-- but it's abundantly clear that he's very much in-demand.

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