Sorry Beastly, but there’s already an overdose of ‘edgy teen romances’ thanks to The Twilight Saga. On top of that, the Cullens are far better looking when they’re revealed. They get all sparkly; this beast is like a neo-Nazi version of Powder.

This poster actually isn’t all that bad. The presentation is simple yet unique and it always helps when the stars are easy on the eyes. The sole potential problem is that the transparent title reveals Kyle Kingson’s (Alex Pettyfer) bad side. Kyle had it all - good looks, wealth, intelligence – but his tendency to bully inferior classmates gets the better of him when one decides to retaliate and curses Kyle, turning him into everything he hates. His only hope is to find a girl who can love him for who he truly is, despite his new hideous appearance.

Check out the new poster courtesy of IMP Awards below and click here to take a look at a full image of Kyle in beastly form.

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