Alfred Molina has apparently entered the phase of his career where he's just going to have fun and make as much money as he can while doing it, and hey, who can blame him? He's getting critical raves for his role on Broadway in Red, so why not use the Hollywood money as a way to keep the roof from leaking? He'll be doing double blockbuster duty this summer in both Prince of Persia and The Sorcrerer's Apprentice, and now Deadline reports he'll take another shot at villainy in Lionsgate's thriller Abduction.

The film already stars Taylor Lautner as a guy who realizes he was kidnapped by the people he grew up believing were his parents, and for some reason is forced to go on the run in order to seek out the real mom and dad. Molina plays a CIA agent who is on the run right behind him, trying to track him down and bring him in alive. True, there's no evidence just yet that Molina's character doesn't have Lautner's best interest in mind, but when you've got a race between Jacob from Twilight and Doc Oc, you know who you're supposed to root for.

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