Sure, you knew Alice in Wonderland was a gigantic hit-- but you probably had no idea how gigantic. In a press release today Disney announced that Alice has become the sixth movie ever to cross $1 billion at the global box office. That puts the movie in the company of Avatar, Titanic, The Dark Knight, Return of the King and the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and confirms, once again, that Johnny Depp is biggest movie star in the world if not the universe.

Alice has made far more of its money overseas than here at home, but at $332 domestically it's Disney's third-biggest movie ever, behind Finding Nemo and that giant Pirates movie. The 3D ticket prices obviously factor hugely into that, but try and catch Disney admitting that charging $18 a pop has contributed to the gigantic box office gross. What's maybe most interesting about this is that Alice is such a big hit and we haven't heard a word about a planned sequel. Tim Burton is already working for Disney on a host of other movies, so maybe they're waiting to woo him with some other passion projects before taking him back to task on another Alice? Or maybe Alice will just sit there alongside the James Cameron movies in the global billionaires as one of the few one-offs in the bunch.

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