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AOL just released its annual Year End Hot Searches, the list of the most-searched terms on their site over the past year. To sum up, people are still on board with Betty White, they're freaked out about beg bugs and fascinated by whatever the hell a Brazilian Blowout is. They also like iPads, iPhones and Justin Bieber. The findings are broken down into six categories: health, celebrity, shopping, news, trend and movie. To take a look at how the first five groups shook down, click on over to AOL. As for the movie category, here's the full list below.

1) Alice In Wonderland
2) Toy Story 3
3) Twilight
4) Shutter Island
5) Iron Man 2
6) Inception
7) How To Train Your Dragon
8) Clash Of The Titans
9) The Last Airbender
10) Sex And The City 2

I, for one, am shocked at how low Inception is. It was mass hysteria for like a month and a half after that movie confused the hell out of everyone. It's really hard to imagine people being more invested in Iron Man 2, but the silent majority always wins out over the vocal minority. Except in the case of Twilight, where the same ardent fans have clearly searched over and over again.

Also, The Last Airbender? Really, America? Come'on. I'd like to think at least this one is a product of AOL users being less sophisticated (who doesn't just use Google these days?), but it's hard to imagine old people going ape shit over M Night's poorly-dialogued fantasy. Shame on everyone involved.

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