What do you think sets The Way, Way Back apart from its summer competition?
Truthfully, I don't even know. I think most movies are these big, green-screened CGI big overproduced behemoth movies. And this is like a classic of the old school summer movie with great characters. It will make everyone nostalgic for summer vacations past and I think everyone will come out of it feeling good, in a really honest simple way. It's just a lovely simple, movie. I think that's what it has, is an honest simplicity.

Betty is sort of in the middle of a change in this movie. Where do you think she'll go from where we see her here?
Well, I like that because of Toni (Collette)'s character, she forms a friendship with her because they are both going through similar changes in that they both have relationships that have split up. And they are both trying to keep some semblance of family. And at the start Betty's daughter is not talking to her, and it's just like everything is fractious and she's drinking too much. I think by the end of the movie, she feels a sense of hope that everything is going to be okay. She's not alone. Her friendship with Toni's character changes her. And there's just one brief physical moment with Betty and her daughter at the end where they have their arms around each other. And you have hope that she's going to get through this and maybe let go of some of the drinking and talking too much. You know, it's small little steps but I feel like it's forward movement.

The movie is reserved in this respect, but there's this weird little spark between your character and Rob Corddry's character and I was like, 'Maybe that's going to happen?'
Oh my god! Now that you mention it, I think yes! I think he's going to leave Amanda Peet—I can't remember what her character's name was—but I think that was probably in there because I love Rob Corddry so much. He is the funniest man; I cannot tell you how much I love him. I adore him. I just want to eat him up. So, I think I put some of that in there just because I decided Betty—well, also Betty just wants male attention from anybody. She's just a big flirt. But I definitely had fun flirting with Rob Corddry.

She's so frank in who she is, and so outrageous and she's a big flirt. I decided she's Loretta (from Drop Dead Gorgeous's) sister.
(Laughs) I think you could be right there. That's hysterical. Do a family tree of all the characters I've played. (With a thoughtful high tone) Well, Loretta and Betty are sisters.

CJ would be a third cousin who doesn't talk to that side of the family anymore—
Yes! Exactly. They are related through marriage!

She'd show up at a family function and be like, "Oh my god why is your hair so big? What is happening?"
Oh my god, that's hysterical.

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