We here at Cinema Blend love movie trailers. That being said, some trailers can get overwhelmingly infuriating at times. They don’t just give us a glimpse at the coming attraction, they can telegraph every single major event from a highly anticipated movie. A new trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence has just hit the web, and it pretty much lays out the entire plot of the film. Check it out below. Or, maybe, don't... if you plan on seeing this movie in theaters!

While the trailer doesn’t provide every conceivable spoiler for Independence Day: Resurgence, it seems to come pretty damn close. The video showcases how humanity has evolved its perception of its place in the universe in the twenty years since the original Independence Day. We used the technology from the downed alien mother ship to strengthen the defense of our world, but a distress beacon allegedly sent during the climax of the first film has now been received by some understandably angry reinforcements. What follows is a narrative that mirrors the events of Independence Day, with an even greater alien threat looming, and the people who achieved victory last time using their experiences to try and guide a new generation.

One of the biggest potential spoilers present in this trailer seems to be the fact that it looks like Bill Pullman’s President Thomas Whitmore will sacrifice himself in order to figure out how to win against this new threat. An extended sequence in the trailer shows him entering a containment room in order to let the aliens take control of him and use their telepathic abilities on him. Whatever information he gleans from this encounter will seemingly lead Jeff Goldblum’s David Levinson and Liam Hemsworth’s Jake Morrison on a dangerous mission not unlike the one Levinson embarked on with Will Smith’s Steve Hiller twenty years earlier.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that director Roland Emmerich and the rest of the creative team behind Independence Day: Resurgence have something entirely different in store for us. We’re only assuming that President Whitmore will die, but considering the fact that Dr. Brakish Okun will also make a return in this movie, it’s entirely plausible that his exposure to the aliens won’t lead to an untimely demise. It’s too early to know.

We won’t truly know for sure until the apocalyptic summer blockbuster blasts its way into theaters later this summer on June 24. Stay tuned for more details!
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