With Inception just about to hit Blu-Ray and DVD, not to mention cranking up what will likely be a massive Oscar campaign, it's time to be reminded of that period in the summer when we were all obsessed with Cobb and his dreams. Believe it or not, there's actually more to chew over, even if you participated in our massive, record-setting Inception explained comment thread.

A messaging service called SnapTag (via Nolan Fans has revealed an alternate poster for the movie, similar in design to the final group shot one-sheet we've seen already, but with a slightly funkier design. I'm honestly not surprised they ditched this one, since it's a little messier and harder to understand. I also have no idea what's up with that tagline-- "If you think your thoughts are safe, they'll change your mind." Yeah, it makes more sense given that actual plot of the film, but it's far less catchy than "Your mind is the scene of the crime."

Still, it is kind of cool to see the poster as a stepping stone on the way to the evolving design of the Inception marketing campaign, which might even top The Dark Knight for how elaborate and well-designed it was. Check out the poster below and continue breathlessly anticipating the Blu-Ray release on December 7-- as if you weren't already.

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