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Back in December when the first trailer for Iron Man 2 came online, you may remember a scene featuring Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in the loading bay of an airplane. He asks for a kiss, she gives the helmet a smooch, she throws said helmet out of the plane and he makes a Jerry Maguire reference as he leaps out after it. You may then remember seeing the film in May and noticing that the scene had been replaced with a more simple version: RDJ dressed in full Iron Man gear jumping out of a plane. So what happened to the funnier scene?

An alternate opening for the film has turned up online, which plays the scene out in full. Gone is the boring plane leap, replaced by vomiting, toilets and rants about Motrin. Certainly more entertaining, one has to wonder why this was rejected.

Check out the 3-minute clip below.

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