For a pretty lengthy period after the summer of 1999 Alyson Hannigan was known primarily as the "One Time At Band Camp" Girl, rocketed to fame along with the rest of the American Pie cast and remembered fondly as the band geek with creative uses for her, well, instrument. 12 years later Hannigan has actually had the most successful career of any American Pie alum, moving smoothly from a role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to How I Met Your Mother; like a trusty friend, though, she's made time to return for the new sequel American Reunion, and when talking to Entertainment Weekly recently revealed a few details about what to expect from the movie, currently shooting in Altanta.

Fair warning: nothing she has to say is especially surprising, though I think we'd all be disappointed if new directors Hayden Schlossberg and Jon Hurwitz (the Harold and Kumar alums) were trying to change things up too much. Here's the little bit Hannigan revealed about the plot of the new film:
We’ll, we’re [she and Jason Biggs's character Jim] still married, and we have a child. So we’re navigating the waters of parenthood and how that changes the dynamics of a relationship. But also they’re going back to their high school reunion and so there’s some nostalgia there of, “Aw, remember what we were like when we first met?” That kind of stuff. It’s really nice. I really love that relationship and they’ve stayed true to it. The great thing about this franchise is that, of course, there’s the raunchy humor but here’s also a lot of heart to it. And this fourth movie does not miss the boat on that at all.
She also hinted that the character's "flute-playing prowess" would come back into play, and promised that we would get a look at the "old band room," which I'm already certain will be a lot more appealing than the band room I remember from my own high school days. Much as I really don't believe that anything good can come from decades-later movie reunions like this, I'm totally pre-sold for American Reunion, lured like a moth to the flame by nostalgia and a bunch of actors I wish had gone on to better careers. If the movie turns out to be actually good as well, I'll consider it a bonus.

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