I wasn’t sure we needed a Gulliver’s Travels movie and I’m still not sure we do. When they cast Jason Segel in it, that seemed like a good idea. Watching a giant (hopefully naked) Segel stomping on Lilliputians is something we definitely need to see. Unfortunately he’s not playing Guillver, Jack Black is. It’s also co-written by Nicolas Stoller, who wrote some shitty Jim Carrey movies, but also directed Forgetting Sarah Marshall which I guess means he gets a pass for at least three or four more shitty scripts.

With Black as their lead and Segel as, whatever he is, they’ve started filling out the rest of the cast. Emily Blunt is already on board and now HR says they’ve added Amanda Peet. It seems this version of Gulliver will skip the part where he’s a tiny man in a big man’s world, and instead focus on the much cooler part where he’s a sailor stranded on an island of super-tiny people. In this modernized retelling Gulliver is a writer lost in the Bermuda Triangle, and Peet will be his editor/love interest.

Black and Peet have a cinematic history together. In Saving Silverman he tied her up and kept her in his basemen until she fell in love with Steve Zahn. Presumably, things will turn out better for them this time. It may even be funny.

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