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A few months back, when The Amazing Spider-Man was still in production, snapshots from the set revealed the hero from just about every single angle imaginable. We saw him swinging around, crouching on the ground, running in traffic... hell, we even got to see what it would look like if he started dancing (sorry for bringing back painful Spider-Man 3 memories). But those photos were all taken from a pretty good distance and never with the best lighting. Now two promo shots have landed online that help provide a better look at the full suit.

Posted on (via Latino Review) the new shots feature the webslinger in some familiar poses. While the "perched on the edge of a building" image really only really gives us a better look at the boots and side of the costume, what I like about the other image is that we can see the bottom of his shoes. What are the blue things towards the top of his foot? Do they improve traction? Is Peter Parker experimenting with some new kind of plyometric shoe?

Check out the images below and head over to Uriloki to see them full size.

For more shots from The Amazing Spider-Man be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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