With two new comedies in theaters this weekend you'd expect the one rated PG-13 and starring Will Ferrell would fair better than the one rated R starring that one guy from The Office. But given the choice between people running from dinosaurs and hungover dudes wandering around Vegas, Americans preferred the drunkards two to one.

The Hangover opened with a solid $16.5 million on Friday, looking to be an easy number one for the weekend. For those of you keeping score, that's better than Terminator Salvation's $13.4 million and Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian's $15.5 million kick-offs. It puts Hangover on track to be one of the top ten films of the summer, if it can keep up the pace; an unusual feat for a no-name rated R flick in the midst of summer blockbusters.

Meanwhile Land of the Lost is poised to land squarely at third place under last week's top dog Up. With the film only making $7.2 million on Friday it's a clear indicator that America doesn't find the return of the Sleestaks a laughing matter at all.

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