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The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo is a best-selling novel originally written in Swedish, but the recently released Swedish film adaptation failed to make much of a splash when released over here, so you know what that means: American remake! The Scott Rudin-produced project was announced last December, but we haven't seen much movement on the project until today.

Vulture reports that David Fincher, who most recently directed The Social Network for Sony, is favored by the studio to direct Tattoo. There are no deals in place whatsoever, and Fincher is also reportedly working on a Heavy Metal movie, but the studio likes him right now, and Fincher's name is a good one to have attached to pretty much anything.

Speaking of good names, Carey Mulligan is apparently also interested in playing the central character of Lisbeth, the lead character who is also a computer hacker. Mulligan's full of Oscar prestige right now, and Fincher is a director we'll watch do anything-- even something as dull as Benjamin Button. Someone, please get to work on making this a reality.

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