Quick: Amelia Earhart, Genghis Khan and maybe Pocahontas walk into a bar. Which is the most underdressed?

Night at the Museum put together some pretty unlikely historical pairings, but its sequel, filming in Washington, D.C. right now, seems ready to top the original by simply shuffling through an index of world history and pointing to random pages. How else do you explain the recent photos from the set, which show Amy Adams decked out as Amelia Earhart, standing with a bunch of Mongol warriors, maybe some cavemen hanging out next to them and, hey, is that Pocahontas? Ben Stiller's security guard character is standing in there too, and he's clearly the man who has brought this motley crew together.

And hey, Stiller is making out with Amelia Earhart! Seriously, I can't figure out what kind of scene they were filming, or what on earth this movie is going to be about, but you have to respect the randomness here. Amy Adams doesn't look a lick like Amelia Earhart, but that doesn't prevent the whole Night at the Museum gang from playing along anyway.

Check out the whole gallery of behind-the-scenes images at The Bad And Ugly, with a few selected below for your enjoyment and bewilderment.

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