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It’s not often a documentary gets a sequel, but Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim tells IESB that his film may get one. He tells them, “I’m meeting with Paramount next week to talk about a sequel to Inconvenient Truth. Too early to talk about details.”

How do you make a sequel to a factual, pie chart filled documentary? Even more pie charts I guess? Do you spend more money on your pie chart effects budget this time around? Maybe use neon colors? It’s hard to believe there could be all that much more about global warming Al Gore needs to tell us. Maybe they should wait until after the Earth’s atmosphere has burned off to do a followup.

IESB speculates that since the last movie was put together so quickly, this Inconvenient Truth 2 could be something they’re planning to have ready to coincide with the 2008 election. I suppose that makes marketing sense, though it’s unlikely to sway anyone. Inconvenient Truth made a lot of money at the box office, for a documentary, but most of that money came from the wallets of people who were already on Al Gore’s side. They’re preaching to the converted, and unlikely to do much to sway anyone on the other side.